• 1MAR

    Excuses! Every one of us has excuses for not accomplishing something.

    Some are better than others. You may have some genuine obstacles that you need to push through – but everyone has challenges to deal with at some point or another. The difference between success and failure is how you respond to the obstacles that are put in your path. I do realize that lack of confidence and insecurities are really hard to overcome, but if you continue to let these feelings of inadequacy hold you back nothing will ever change.

    The number one excuse I hear as a trainer is, "I just don't have the time." I say, "BS!" Making time to stay active and to eat healthy should be a top priority in everyone's lives. If your health is poor it will affect everything else and those around you.

    MAKE time to take care of your health NOW or be forced to spend time at the doctor's office down the road. Spend more money and time on healthy eating to feel better and to help prevent disease and sickness or be FORCED to spend a lot more money down the road on medications and doctor's bills - which would you rather? Stay active enough in order to be able to sled, play ball, walk or take a hike with your kids and grandkids when they ask you to or look them in the eye and tell them no because you know that you aren’t fit enough to participate in these activities?

    I could go on and on and on about how EVERY decision you make about your health WILL AFFECT YOU and your LOVED ONES, as well as your bank account. It may sound harsh, but it's reality.

    I have a very busy life and probably always will. I made a decision to get married and have children at a young age. Between June 16, 1992 and April 29, 2000, I gave birth (Thank, God!) to five wonderful kids and then chose to home school for many years. I've been busy ever since! BUT, I want to be healthy! I want to have the energy to keep up with my kids, and eventually grandbabies. I want to set an example of living a healthy lifestyle for them. I don't want my family to have to care for me prematurely because of poor health decisions I make. (Thankfully, if the day comes that I need to be taken care of, I've got 5 chances I will be! ;)

    Reclaiming and maintaining your health doesn't require hours at a gym each day. There are many ways to incorporate regular fitness into your daily life. How about you start with parking in the back of the lot instead of circling and circling the lot while sitting in your car on your derriere spending more money on gas, and looking for the closest spot just so you don't have to walk very far?? How about you take the steps? Ever hear of Tabata? It's a great interval cardio workout that takes all of 4 minutes!! Can you find 4 minutes? A lot of us are extremely busy with our lives, but we need to find out what is important and MAKE the time. Your health is one of those important things!

    Eating healthier doesn't require you to go broke. I'm not going to lie, buying the healthier options of food often does cost more, but again it's all about decisions and priorities. You may not be able to buy all of the healthier food options out there but you can certainly start making some healthier choices today. Before you grab a box of Ritz crackers, bag of Doritos or some Oreo cookies; look at the price per pound and compare that with the price per pound of some fresh fruit or veggies. The amount people are willing to pay per lb. on foods that have absolutely NO nutritional value and often harm their health, but REFUSE TO SPEND THE SAME, OR PERHAPS EVEN LESS, ON FRUIT BECAUSE IT'S "TOO EXPENSIVE" FLOORS ME!

    Think before you act. Figure out what things are most important in life and make the decisions to make them a priority. Throw out the bologna excuses and get it done! Find an accountability partner, someone who will help push you and keep you on the right track!

    I will cover the topics of how to incorporate fitness into a busy life style in upcoming blogs. I wanted to make you a little angry today, and force you to face the truth that many of you are full of excuses! That being said, I am here to help too! I chose to be a trainer because I love fitness and nutrition and absolutely LOVE being able to help others live a healthier, happier, more confident life style. You can do it!!
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